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Granola Bars
For a snack on the go try our granola bars. Filled with the goodness of granola, these bars can be packed away for long hikes or just eaten as a tasty afternoon treat.
Our home-baked granola is also available as a bar. This Koffee Krisp bar intertwines our wholesome crunchy granola with the taste of a great cup of espresso.
Koffee Krisp Bar
2 bars - 2 ounces each
12 bars - 2 ounces each
$ 6.00
Koffee Krisp Bar Box
Craving more than just two bars? Indulge in our box of Koffee Krisp granola bars. Be sure to share...
$ 32.00
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Delicious chewy granola bar filled with dried mango, pistachio, sunflower seeds, oats and toasted rice.  Flavored with peanut butter and honey for a healthy treat.
Chocolate Dipped
Peanut Butter Mango
Pistachio Bar
2 bars - 2.5 ounces each
$ 8.00
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